Hiking in the Little Yosemite Area



Sep 16, 2019

The Little Yosemite Area is a part of Sunol Regional Wilderness in Sunol, California, and it's merely 40 minutes away from Sunnyvale, California.

Last week we accidentally saw this place on Google Maps, and we got pretty curious about how much it resembles the real Yosemite.

Yesterday was yet another typical California summer day, hot and dry, so we decided to pay a quick visit.

According to AllTrails, he main 2-mile out-and-back trail from the park entrance to the river is rated as easy. So, on our way to the river, we took a longer detour onto the hills, hoping to get a better view.

To our surprise, we didn't find a single part of the Little Yosemite to be any similar to the real Yosemite.

Onto the hill

On top of the hill

Slowly going downhill

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