Java Hash Benchmark

java-hash-benchmark is a command line benchmarking tool that compares a total of 31 hash algorithm implementations in major Java libraries (Java, Guava, Apache, etc.) with large-scale streamed data (in GBs). It helps users select the best performing hash algorithm implementation for their specific deployment environment.

Check it out on GitHub.

Self-hosted Media Server

During Thanksgiving 2019, we managed to set up our very first self-host media server at home, and rip all the discs we bought over the years, so that we can and stream our movie and TV show collections to our iPads and MacBooks, even when we're not at home.

Read more about it here.

This Blog Website

If you're interested in the technologies behind this blog website, or if you want to create a similar one for yourself, I have written a detailed article on the hardware, framework, cloud services, and the development/deployment processes behind this website.

Read more about it here.

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