Scooter Ride in Half Moon Bay



Aug 15, 2020

Nearly half a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, we got really bored staying at home every single day. So, we started looking for new outdoor activities.

Given the requirements, such as avoiding big crowds, easy learning curve and budget friendly, we eventually came down to option of riding electric scooters on less popular trails.

During the first weekend after we received the long-range scooters, we directly headed to the coastal trail near Half Moon Bay.

Although Half Moon Bay is a popular destination for weekend trips among residents in the Bay Area, most people just hang out at the beach. The trails usually have relatively light traffic, which is good for our own safety.

We parked our car at Pillar Point Harbor, and rode the scooters all the way south to The Ritz-Carlton, then back. The 15-mile out-and-back trail has some of the most spectacular views I've ever seen along the California coastline.

Near the beach

Behind The Ritz-Carlton hotel

Another view of The Ritz-Carlton hotel

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